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About Us

The first of men were deeply rooted in their environment and nature. It was then that the medicinal & therapeutic uses of herbs were first discovered

Razia Sultana’s is directed towards providing purely organic and vegan alternatives to conventional chemical-based beauty and healthcare products which are commonly available in the market. Our team has combined ancient wisdom and modern sciences to come up with effective and nontoxic solutions. 

Our team of healthcare professionals come from various backgrounds to help enhance the general well-being as well as cater to individual concerns.

We aim to provide healthier, safer, and better alternatives for an improved lifestyle to our people.

Our Story

Upon seeing the hazards of allopathic medicines and the lack of appropriate professional guidance from up close when our close relatives fell victim to a situation like this, the realization of the need for natural alternatives and professional guidance hit us hard. 

That is when the founder, Safia Mustafa, began her journey of studying and researching herbs and natural treatments. A cosmetologist joined us and the team began to swell.

After rigorous experimentations, we have been successful in manufacturing products to provide you with healthy skin and lifestyle, minus the toxins! 

Our Purpose

Our aim is to offer a chance to a healthier, happier lifestyle by providing access to:

  • Natural/organic alternatives to the potentially harmful over-the-counter merchandise;
  • One-on-one counseling sessions with healthcare professionals.

Our Future

In addition to bringing authentic and technologically advanced skincare, hair care and therapeutic products and counseling services, we aim to utilize technology as our spade and offer customized online consultancy through a mobile application as well. 

We wish to address individual beauty, health, and psychological concerns, and tailor exclusive herbal solutions for the best possible results.

Online Consultation

Because you deserve to be cared for

Razia Sultana believes that everyone has the right to professional care and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we plan to offer customized solutions by communicating one-on-one with our customers via our online consultancy and mobile app solution. 

Customers will be able to download the app or use the online consultancy forum to talk to experts like Naturopath, Herbalist, Meditation specialist, Yoga practitioner, Food-as-a-medicine specialists, and Psychologists. This technologically-backed solution will be very helpful for clients who do not, otherwise, have access to these experts and those in need of instant solutions within the comfort of their homes. This online consultation system will be available very soon. It would offer:

  • Experts from diverse backgrounds
  • One-on-one consultancy
  • Tailored beauty and healthcare solutions
  • Accessible from everywhere


What do We Offer?

Our produce encompasses:

  • Bath & body products
  • Healthcare
  • Skincare
  • Hair care
  • Mother and baby products
  • Aromatherapy Healing blends
  • Natural Cleaning Products
  • B2B
  • Private Labeling

Who May Benefit from Us?

Razia Sultanas is a team of qualified herbalists who have resorted to a combination of age-old wisdom and modern sciences for the benefit of our people.  Our organic beauty and healthcare solutions target a wide range of audiences; from students to housewives, beauticians to medical practitioners, and everyone else who would love to live a fulfilling life.

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